Thursday, August 7, 2008

post and stuff

so things are going really well, i got my post and a very brief job description. i will be working in a city on one of the two main highways(very close to the togo border), in the region called the collines. the collines are a considered the middle of the country and they are semi mountainous. i will be working through the mayor's office, its a brand new post so i get to make of it what i want, a lot of the times volenteers are replacing others who have already started projects in the area. i am really excited about both the post and job, but i don't know too much more than what i have said, i do know that i will probabley have electricity and running water (except 3 months out of the year durring the dry season), so that will be pretty nice. There is a health volunteer that is posted in the same city and many more that are close by so that will be pretty nice.

besides the post anouncements i went on a technical vist last week for 5 days, me and two other SED volunteers stayed with a volunteer in the south west of the country. It was really great i got to see how a volunteer lives and also got to help with formation sesion which is what i will most likely be doing while at my post.

i went to a funeral for my dads uncle this past weekend after returning from the tech visit. it was very interesting, much different from a funeral in the states. there is a lot of eating a lot of drinking loud music and everbody is having a good time. it was just one of a million new things i get see and experiance every day.

i will try to get some pictures up on the blog but right now the internet that i have access to is slow and costs a good bit of money so i really don't have a lot of time to put them up but i think that when i get to post i will have a better situation, we'll see.

well thats about it for now, i can't wait for september 5th, its my swearn in date. after that i get to move to my post and will have a lot of fun things to share.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

its been a while but i am here

so its been a long time since i have writing on this but here it goes. life in benin is going great, i am having a great time so far. i moved in with my host family a little over a week ago and they are great. i have been going to a lot of language, technical and cultural classes and not a whole lot more, they keep us pretty busy.

i think this is it for now, the keyboard is different than ours at home and is very aggravating, and i am alnost out of time at the internet cafe. i will right more later, i really want to make an effort to keep this up to date.

bye for now

Friday, May 30, 2008

here's where it starts

so i thought i would start a blog to let friends and family know how my life in the peace corps is going. i don't have a whole lot to say right now, but if you don't already know i'm going to benin in west africa and i'm leaving on july 1st. i will be there for 27 months doing small enterprise development. i am really excited but the closer the 1st gets the more nervous i'm getting, but its gonna be awesome.

right now i just have a few more things to get done before i graduate and then i'll have three weeks to get what i need, pack and say my goodbyes.

i think thats all i really have to say right now, hopefully these will be a lot more exciting when i'm in benin hunting lions (kinda a joke).