Thursday, August 7, 2008

post and stuff

so things are going really well, i got my post and a very brief job description. i will be working in a city on one of the two main highways(very close to the togo border), in the region called the collines. the collines are a considered the middle of the country and they are semi mountainous. i will be working through the mayor's office, its a brand new post so i get to make of it what i want, a lot of the times volenteers are replacing others who have already started projects in the area. i am really excited about both the post and job, but i don't know too much more than what i have said, i do know that i will probabley have electricity and running water (except 3 months out of the year durring the dry season), so that will be pretty nice. There is a health volunteer that is posted in the same city and many more that are close by so that will be pretty nice.

besides the post anouncements i went on a technical vist last week for 5 days, me and two other SED volunteers stayed with a volunteer in the south west of the country. It was really great i got to see how a volunteer lives and also got to help with formation sesion which is what i will most likely be doing while at my post.

i went to a funeral for my dads uncle this past weekend after returning from the tech visit. it was very interesting, much different from a funeral in the states. there is a lot of eating a lot of drinking loud music and everbody is having a good time. it was just one of a million new things i get see and experiance every day.

i will try to get some pictures up on the blog but right now the internet that i have access to is slow and costs a good bit of money so i really don't have a lot of time to put them up but i think that when i get to post i will have a better situation, we'll see.

well thats about it for now, i can't wait for september 5th, its my swearn in date. after that i get to move to my post and will have a lot of fun things to share.


Anonymous said...

Great to see your update! Looking forward to more when you get to your post.

Dwight said...

sounds awesome buddy! best of luck, I look forward to reading more about your adventures!

Anonymous said...

Love reading whats going on!!! Hope your doing GREAT! be safe :)

Anonymous said...

awesome good lck!

Anonymous said...

Well it's about time you update this!! Let us know how you are doing and what you are up to...